Instant collaboration
for engineering teams
made easy

Realtime platform provides an end-to-end, interactive field service collaboration platform for equipment manufacturers and users. Our innovative software solution enables remote engineering experts to communicate precisely with field technicians using live video, messaging and real-time augmented reality.

Do work - hands free

Work hands-free with industrial smart glasses

Remote mentor

On-demand expert information for field engineers

Document navigation

Access to technical information anywhere and anytime

Iot visualization

Instant visualisation of contextual information and data

About Realtime Platform

Realtime Platform

Realtime Platform

Remote engineers can communicate with technicians easily from their office seat. Technical specifications, screenshots, contextual information or video snippets can be easily shared while running the interactive video call.

Realtime Platform

Smart glasses

Allows field technicians to work hands free while receiving visual guidance and contextual information from the remote engineer.

Realtime Platform
Realtime Platform

Mobile Apps

Field technicians can use mobile apps to navigate easily through technical documents and specifications, analyse machine data and communicate with the engineer.

Realtime Platform

Use cases

Equipment Users

Global industrial companies with remote production facilities use Realtime Platform to maximize machine uptime, improve on-site technician productivity and reduce operational costs.

Use cases

Equipment Manufacturers

Realtime Platform improves remote diagnostics and resolution of mechanical failures through real-time visual collaboration between field technicians and remote experts, helping you prevent costly downtime and eliminate unnecessary field visits.


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